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See the tools of the trade in Metro Exodus

There’s a whole arsenal to play with in the upcoming Metro Exodus, and you’ll be able to customize almost all of it.

Lots o’ Shootin’

The weaponry system in Metro has always had more to it than just pointing and shooting, and collecting ammo. It’s looking much more in depth now though, in this latest trailer for the upcoming Metro Exodus.

You can customize your gear on the fly now, thanks to that handy backpack. And it seems as though some of the combinations are pretty awesome. As you can see, just what you can do with the handgun alone is kind of stunning. And that’s without talking about the ammo choices – another element that is sure to make things more interesting.

And of course, this being the post-apocalypse, you better take care of that hardware. You’ll have to clean and maintain your guns in Metro’s new above-ground world, or you’ll find yourself defenseless.

Pistols are just the tip of the iceberg too, since there are three more weapon types in Exodus. Shotguns, rifles, and “special weapons” are all planned as well. Those will all get their own videos, just like this one, in the weeks to come. So stay tuned.

Metro Exodus isn’t too far off now, landing on consoles and the PC on February 15th.

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