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Toys R Us successor Geoffrey’s Toy Box begins to appear

Toys R Us might’ve disappeared earlier this year, but it’s already well on the way back with Geoffrey’s Toy Box. Now we know where the mini-stores will be.

Can’t keep a good giraffe down

The saga of TRU here in 2018 has been a strange one. It started with the chain cutting stores, then moved on to a global closure. Before long though, we found out that Toys R Us wasn’t closing everywhere, and an investor moved in and bought the Canadian wing of the shop. The US though, was out of luck. For a while.

News broke not long ago that the brand would be back after all in the States, but under a new name. Geoffrey’s Toy Box would be the designation (for now anyway), and the stores would be of the “store within a store” variety. So you’d be seeing them open inside of larger shops. We didn’t know exactly which shops those’d be though.

Well, you can add one name officially to the list with Kroger. A chain of stores that reside in 35 states total, Kroger is a major brand itself. This week Geoffrey’s Toy Box standees started shipping out to the stores, and have even opened up in some. So if you have a Kroger near you, you might be seeing a GTB sooner than later.

Of course, it remains to be seen how permanent any of this is. Personally, and this is all conjecture, I think we’re going to see a true return to form for the brand before long. The Toys R Us name is way too valuable to sit on, and I’m thinking that we’re going to see Geoffrey’s Toy Box be one model for the company, with standalone TRU’s joining them (maybe in late 2019).

But, we’ll see. As I said, those are just my personal thoughts on it. What the new ownership actually does is anyone’s guess. Right now though, Geoffrey is indeed back, and ready for the Holidays.

Source: The Toy Book

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