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Batman: Ascending Knight (Action Figure) Review

Batman begins his journey to being the hero that the DC Universe deserves in this first of three figures from Mezco Toyz. The Ascending Knight has arrived.


As far as action figures go, the idea of a trilogy of them is pretty unique. Books, movies, video games, sure all of those are fitting forms of media to receive sequels. But toys? That train of thought isn’t really a part of that industry. If you have a series of Batman figures for example, no one thinks of the successive ones as sequels. They’re just the next one in the line.

But this is different. Mezco is calling this trilogy a trilogy for a good reason – it is one. The first of its kind in the action figure realm as far as I can remember. They’re not mincing words with what they want to do here either.

Ascending Knight is the first (rookie Batman), which will be followed by Sovereign Knight (current Batman). After that… well actually the third hasn’t been named yet. But of course, there will be one, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be the Batman Beyond figure that’s also on the way.

Before receiving this figure, I was looking much more forward to Sovereign. I’m a pretty big Batman fan, and the look of the modern Bat that Mezco has going clicked for me. But that was before I got the Ascending.

I love this figure. It’s not over-done, it’s not lacking in any way; as a Batman fan, I’ll say it’s almost perfect. Not that there aren’t things I’d have done differently mind you, but the Ascendant Knight is an absolutely phenomenal addition to the One:12 Collective.

I’ll explain…

Ascendant Detailing

The costume on this version of Batmen is meant to be “early”. And that means it’s supposed to be Bruce’s first run an a fully functional Bat-suit. As such, there are elements here that aren’t seen typically.

The “ears” on the cowl are longer than you might be used to, and the fins on the gauntlets are shorter. The detailing on the bodysuit itself has a sort of rough look to it too, and doesn’t look as featureless as it typically does. All of this gives Ascending Knight a unique look, while still holding onto the iconic “Batman” form-factor.

I both like it and don’t. Overall, everything works just fine, and looks great, but the “tech” look that Mezco has given the suit is a little put-offish at first if you’re a long time fan. Also, and I know this is nitpicking, but I would have loved to have seen the yellow oval behind the Bat-symbol. That to me is as classic as it gets.


The standard edition of this figure comes in black and grey, which is also a departure. In the current and classic DC continuity, Batman had a kind of pieced together costume at first, including purple gloves. That’s absent here.

It’s worth noting though, that there’s also a blue and grey variant that’s exclusive to Previews. So if you dig that 80s/early-90s look, that ones for you.

Articulation and accessories

If you’ve posed a One:12 figure before, then you already know how great these figures look and what they can do. Poseability is a huge plus in this line, and it’s something that carries over to Batmen here.

If you’ve been frustrated by some of Mattel’s Batman figures, and their general lack of articulation, you’re going to love the Ascending Knight. This figure has points of articulation in spades, and can be set in pretty much whatever pose you like. I have mine crouched menacingly over a display case, like he’s on top of a skyscraper. Looks awesome.

Adding to the possibilities for the Ascending Knight are the accessories. The One:12 usually doesn’t skimp on them, and Batman is loaded for bear.

He comes with three sets of hands, two heads (Bruce Wayne and Batman), his grapnel gun (with multiple hook attachments), a mini-crossbow-thing, and a mess of batarangs. Of course, he’s also packed in with the typical One:12 stand and “flight” attachment, and does have the cape-holders in the box as well. So you can display Batman dropping down, with his cape properly trailing behind him.

This is a gorgeous Batman figure, and one that I can’t imagine any fan not digging big time. It hits all the high notes for the character, and doesn’t leave anything out in terms of what you expect from the One:12 line. If you’re looking to add a comic book Bat to your One:12 shelf, look no further.

I cannot wait for the Sovereign.

One:12 Collective Ascending Knight
Release Date: May 2018
Produced by: Mezco Toys
Line: One:12 Collective

Batman Begins

The costume looks great, though I'm not wild about some of the detailing - 90%
The sculpt of both heads is excellent - 97%
Plentiful (and cool) accessories - 95%
Top notch poseability and display choices - 100%



Mezco's first One:12 stab at a comic book version of Batman is awesome. It includes pretty much everything that you could want in terms of accessories, and is terrifically poseable and excellently sculpted. Yes, there are some minor things I probably would have done differently, but they're according to taste honestly. There's no doubt that this is a great figure and worthy addition to the One:12 lone.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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