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Fantastic Four #1 cover roundup

Eric Powell

There are getting to be a growing amount of alternate covers for Fantastic Four #1. So we though maybe it was time for a roundup?

More than Four

FF #1 is going to be a bog book. It just is. This is the return of one of the most influential and long-lived super teams in comics, let alone Marvel. And it’s also the return of a team that many fans legitimately thought we not see for some time yet (amazing what buying Fox accomplished, isn’t it?). So of course, Marvel is going to make the most of things. And yes, that includes a barrage of alternate covers for the inaugural issue.

What we’re not showing you here in this post are all the alt-covers for the rest of Marvel’s releases. There will be a line-wide FF variant onslaught coming up as well, which will affect other books in Marvel’s catalog for August. Those have their own post here, and are pretty much set in place already.

But in the case of the actual issue itself, there are more than a few covers at present, and I assume there’ll be more on the way. But even if there aren’t, there are probably more than enough for a little roundup gallery.

Fantastic Four #1 hits the stands in a little under a month, on August 8th.

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