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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection dated, coming to Switch this November

SNK is packing years of pre-Neo Geo gaming highlights into one neat little pack, and it’s heading to the Nintendo Switch this November.

Arcade quality

Back when it first debuted, the Neo Geo was famous for delivering “arcade quality” home ports to fans. Sure, every game was developed by SNK (the maker of the console), but it was an awesome sight to see Samurai Showdown playing at home. And I mean the actual Samurai Showdown, not a watered down SNES or Genesis port (though there were those too).

Now in the current day, reproducing those arcade classics at home isn’t much of a feat. But that doesn’t mean that some of the games that SNK has made are any less fun or, in some cases, impressive. Gamers have seen Neo Geo titles like crazy though, mostly in digital format.

What they haven’t really seen in a while, are games from before SNK went fighting game-crazy. And that’s exactly what the publisher’s SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will be capitalizing on. Well, that and nostalgia.

This collection features some true classics, with pre-Neo Geo titles like “Guerrilla War, Ikari Warriors, and Alpha Mission, as well as cult classics like Crystalis and Psycho Soldier!” Each one will be presented in 1080p with a save function of course, and also feature that “rewind” gimmick that’s become so popular with re-releases of retro games.

The collection is actually sounding pretty slick, and should make a nice addition to the Switch library. You know, since there’s no Virtual Console coming. Ever. Expect to see it arrive this coming November the 13th.

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