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Sony says PS4 is a few years away from its end

If CEO John Kodera is to be believed, then the PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle. And if that’s the case, then we might be just a year or two out from a PS5 announcement.

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It’s probably just me, but does it feel like the PS4 is still “new” to you? The console launched in 2013 though, which was five years ago, and that means it’s starting to be time to talk next-gen. Well, not quite yet, though IGN is reporting that Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera has started to comment on what’s next for the company.

Speaking to investors, Kodera quietly started the conversation about the end of the PS4 in a roundabout way. The actual conversation was about revenue, and that Sony is expecting it to decrease as the current PlayStation model gets longer in the tooth. He suspects that the company would begin to talk about what they’ll be doing next around 2021, which I assume would mean a PS5 announcement.

That would put the PS4 at 8 years, though its actual end is a little more suspect. If Kodera means that Sony will just begin seriously “talking” about a PS5 at that point, then the current console could reach out to a decade lifespan. He could, however mean that they’re targeting that time period as an announcement window. And that could mean that a PS5 could appear as soon as that fall/holiday, or the following year.

Also added by Kodera, is that Sony will be looking to refresh current IPs as well, and start up some new ones. First-party is still very important to the company apparently, which should be music to the ears of the faithful.

Source: IGN

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