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First look at this summer’s Mission Impossible: Fallout arrives

Chases, fist fights, explosions, and Tom Cruise in his element; Mission Impossible: Fallout is looking pretty good. The action flick just had its first trailer hit the net, and it’s pretty much everything fans of the series could be looking for.


Despite The Mummy, Cruise still delivers at the cinema, and he’s looking every bit of his old self here in Fallout. The new Mission Impossible film certainly seems right in line with the series, and just as exciting as you’d hope. In any event, it looks to hit all the high notes with multiple chase scenes and loads of action.

Fallout is also something of an oddity in this day and age. The pure “action movie” is not something that you see all the time anymore. Sure the genre had its heyday in the 80s, but there were plenty of these kinds of films every summer, leading right into the 2000’s. Since the dawn of the superhero movie though, they’re not nearly as common as they once were.

Yeah, I know you could probably count those as action flicks too, but I don’t. To me they’re a separate animal. And I’m not maligning comic book movies at all here by the way, I’m simply saying it’s good to see a classical styled action film now and then.

And that’s just what you can do, when Mission Impossible: Fallout hits theaters on July 27th.

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