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First full Star Wars Solo trailer released

The first real trailer for Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story is out, and it’s got pretty much everything that you were waiting to see. Oh, and some kind of giant monster.


Honestly, that looks pretty great. Which’d be two in a row as far as this fan is concerned. And no, I don’t mean The Last Jedi. That’s because I haven’t liked the new era all that much, but I loved Rogue One. So I don’t know, the whole “Disney Star Wars movie mega-push” has been hit and miss for me, I guess.

Solo seems like it hits a lot of hight points though. Actor Alden Ehrenreich as Han looks pretty cool, and fits for a young Harrison Ford a lot better than I thought he would. Donald Glover as Lando I’m sure will be solid, and the movie seems to have a much more serious tone overall than I expected. Seems to.

This is just the first trailer of course, so who knows what the movie itself will offer at this point. This trailer though, does look great and I’m down to check it out. Actually, Solo is pretty much the film I’m most looking forward to this Spring, and that wasn’t the case… well yesterday actually. So that’s gotta count for something.

Get ready for the jump to light speed, Solo: A Star Wars Story lands in theaters on May 25th.

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