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Bungie Releases a Free Trail for Destiny 2

Dive into the Alien World of Destiny Today

Bungie and Activision have released a free trial of Destiny 2 on this day of Now. 28. The free trial is available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC (via Battle.net) and Xbox One.

Destiny 2’s free trial includes campaign missions which are available on two of the five locations you can explore. First is the European Dead Zone (EDZ) on Earth where players have access to the Farm social space as well. Second is the moon of Saturn, Titan a space consumed by hive and the dark blue oceans that submerged mankind’s monuments.

While players have access to those two full worlds, they will also have the ability to join in PvP multiplayer but restricted to only the Crucible Quickplay Playlist.

Players will also have access to joining clans and earning experience from their chosen clan. With all this time and experience growth players will have a cap when they reach level 7, plus their progress will carry over to the full game if they purchase it.

Bungie did release a similar trial version for the original Destiny a few months after that game launched, but they included a secret to an exotic gun which would be eventually known as the ‘Necrochasm.’ I would keep an eye open.

To learn about Destiny 2 keep it locked right here on Brutal Gamer—-to download Destiny 2’s free trial: https://www.destinythegame.com/free-trial.

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