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New Xbox One update rolling out

Microsoft’s Xbox One console is getting a new fall update. Yep, there are new features, and Major Nelson is here to tell you all about it.

All-new, all-different

Don’t get me wrong, I like updates to keep everything fresh as much as the next gamer. And this dashboard and feature refresh does seem pretty nice. Even so though, I have to admit that I’m kind of getting a little blah when it comes to console updates in general. Yep, even major ones.

I like that Microsoft continues to streamline and improve the Xbox’ navigation and dash, but I can’t get excited about this stuff anymore. Depending on what your own thoughts are on the subject, that might seem like a strange comment. Fact is though, that I actually used to get pretty excited about new “experience” updates. Now I kind of don’t care.

One thing that’s interesting this time around though, is that the update is pointed towards gamers who’re upgrading. By that of course, I mean buying into an Xbox One X. The latest update, aside from housing a pretty monster host of improvements, makes transferring content a snap. Not that you should have expected less from Microsoft, but it’s always nice to see that getting a new Xbox won’t be a hassle. At least, it shouldn’t be.

Here’s Larry to tell you what’s new.

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