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Is the Nintendo Switch getting achievements? Could be, according to one indie dev

There’s been one thing Nintendo has been lacking since the dawn of the Xbox 360 (later PS3) era – an achievement system. Now it might actually happen.


Does Nintendo really need an achievement or trophy system? They’ve never had one, and I think if you asked most fans of the company, they’d probably say ‘not really’. The thing though, is that there are a lot of gamers playing today who don’t have the history with Nintendo that some older fans do.

The systems that the Xbox and PlayStation lines use is seemingly pretty well-loved by all too. And it’s a way for gamers to boast- who doesn’t dig that? Also, at this point Nintendo’s seeming lack of interest in getting something going has become a little glaring. I mean, come on, all the cool kids are doing it.

Personally, it’s something that I thought they should have done years ago, and I’m not even the biggest fan of cheevos. Not that that was always the case, but I digress. Because if an indie developer is anyone to be believed, it looks like it might be happening at long last.

A member of the dev group behind a game called Lichtspeer recently hosted a Reddit AMA. The game is a futuristic looking title about throwing lightsaber spears around ancient Germany. What? Yes. You read it right.

Keep reading, because while the game actually looks pretty neat, it’s not the centerpiece of this news bit.

The team-member said in the AMA, that “we know that they’re working on it” when referring to online support for achievements and leaderboards. Now, he could have just been talking about the leaderboards. It’s much more tantalizing to imagine that Nintendo is heading in the achievement direction however.

And, by the way, lest you think he just misspoke, the developer responded to the above with an “oops”. He then elaborated in an attempt to cover himself, by saying that he thought Nintendo had hinted at the new adoption a few times. Yeah… no.

If they are working on something like that for the Switch, then it’s been a well-guarded secret. We’ve heard no such rumblings, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. It’s a phenomenal thought though. The model is even there for integration, as Sony did just what might be happening here in the PS3 years, bringing on Trophy’s after seeing the success of the Xbox 360’s Achievement scheme.

The only question really, is whether or not Nintendo would force a retro-adoption by games already out for the Switch, or if the plan would move forward with new games only. Either way, as far as I’m concerned, it’s an idea who’s time has more than come.

Source: IGN

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