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Far Cry 5 Follow Up

Since it’s announcement at E3, there have been spatterings of details about the Newest Far Cry instalment. For those of you who don’t know let’s have a quick recap of Far Cry 5.

Moving on from sunny, exotic islands and mammoths and spears, Ubisoft brings us back to modern day. This time set in fictional Hope County, Montana. You play a junior deputy who gets sucked up into an attempted takeover by a fanatic cult known as The Project at Edens Gate. Talk about wrong place in the wrong time. You will have to stand up to Father Joseph Seed and his heralds to reclaim the land. All the while taking lead of the resistance to help you along the way.

The Cult Leaders

Related imageLet’s talk about the Seed family and their positions in the cult. The seed family are the leaders of the cult but each have their own role.
First up we Have Father Joseph, he is the main leader of this cult. The shepherd to the flock. The crazy to the sane. He’ll be the one pulling all the strings with the help of his siblings.

Next is Faith, the sister. She is described as the siren. Keeping the congregation in a state of bliss and acts as Josephs voice.

The inquisitor, John. He acquires all the resources the cult will need in preparation for this apparent doomsday.  He does this through the use of faith and violence.

The final family member is the soldier, Jacob. His place in the family is as the cults recruitment manager. His main role is to protect the Project at Edens Gate.

Quite the troublesome family.

Returning and New Features

One feature we’ve all got rather familiar with from Ubisoft will be making a return. And that’s hunting. Honestly, I was hoping this wouldn’t make a return. After Assassins Creed and Far Cry I’d had more than my fill of hunting and crafting. We can only hope they try to alter it in some way rather than the usual copy and paste method. One new way of hunting is present however. No more will we be shooting aquatic animals with machine guns and explosives. In Far Cry 5 you’ll be taking them down with a hook. Image result for far cry 5


Co-op will also be returning. But for the first time in Far Cry you’ll be able to play the entire campaign with a friend. A little detail was mentioned that not everyone is a fan of, and that’s that the 2nd players progress will not be saved. This isn’t new, several games have done this before. I personally don’t think it’s that awful.

It mainly depends on how much of your progress isn’t saved. If it’s only story progression that’s fine. But if you’re just there as a person and don’t gain money or XP (assuming this one has it) or anything you would have otherwise unlocked then yes, that could be a nuisance. Nevertheless, it will still be fun to play co-op. I’ve wanted that since Far Cry 2.

“For Hire”

Now a lot of you may have forgotten Far Cry 2 and it’s ‘buddy’ system. This seems to be coming back but reworked and a whole lot better. Rather than having some people in a place that come to your aid when you’re injured then leave not to be seen again until you fall to the ground again, we have real friends who will join us in battle. Each with their own strengths.Image result for far cry 5

So far the only guns for hire we know about are a sniper who’ll assist you from a distance and a guy who likes slapping miniguns on crop dusters and delivering death from above. perhaps more will be in the full game.. or DLC.

There’s also friends for hire, which is the co-op.

Finally and most importantly, there is fangs for hire. This is the rather violent pup that we keep seeing in gameplay videos. The extent of ‘fangs’ we can hire is as of yet unknown.

Melee Weapons

In Far Cry we’ve always been able to turn to a trusty blade to finish off enemies or strike them at close range. Now we are able to choose exactly how we want to bludgeon them. In a trailer we can see the use of a baseball bat, pitchfork and sledgehammer.

Character Customisation

Very little is known about this. But for the first time in Far Cry we will be able to customise our character. Exactly how much and what we can change is still a mystery. All we know is you can choose your gender. That at least should calm a lot of the flak Ubisoft has been getting.

Image result for far cry 5

Where the Story Goes

Something that sounds rather interesting is the non linear story. Apparently from the get go you don’t actually have an objective. You arrive in Hope County and… and that’s it. What happens next is entirely up to you. You can progress in any direction. Which way you go and who you meet decides what direction the game takes.

As interesting as this does sound I don’t think it will have that big of an impact on the game. So many times before have we been promised that “this game will never be the same twice” and then we play it a 2nd time and it’s the same just with a different bit of dialogue every now and then. Hopefully I’m proven wrong and this turns out to alter the progression of the game.

Unlocking the Map

It brings me great pleasure to share with all of you this very exciting bit of information. In Far Cry 5 there will be no towers to scale to uncover the map and it’s ungodly amount of collectables. How exactly you uncover the map we don’t know yet. Maybe you just have a blacked out map and the areas you visit will become cleared. Or there is no map at all, which I really hope not as I will not be remembering the where places are.

And that is about all I know about Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 will be releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 27TH February 2018. Keep an eye on Brutal Gamer for any future details about Far Cry 5.

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