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Warner Bros and DC Comics’ Shazam movie enters pre-production

The latest hero to make the jump into the DC Comics shared movie universe is Shazam. The film has finally made it into pre-production.


Oh has it been a long road getting from there to here for Shazam. The former Captain has been a DC staple for decades, and was announced as a part of Warner Bros’ DC Comics movie slate almost right from the jump. But the actual movie has languished.

Part of that, I’m sure, has to include the reshuffling and retooling that Warners did with the shared universe, mid-stride. So far that’s a gambit that seems to be working. With longtime DC insider Geoff Johns at the seeming-helm, Wonder Woman has officially become one of the biggest films of all time.

With Justice League hitting later this year, and Aquaman coming in 2018, there have been no shortage of additional movies named. Plenty of DC stars will be making the jump. As for Shazam, it was unclear what would happen with the lighter-toned character for a while. Even Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam was announced as being removed from the story, and moved to another project.

Finally though, Shazam has been moved into pre-production at the WB.

Newly-minted director David F. Sandberg posted a pic on Twitter of a blank office wall. The caption? “Day 1”. Website Screenrant mentioned that the movie is looking to start production in the first quarter of next year, and that Sandberg would have around 4 to 7 months to finalize his cast and crew.

So with that, things will be moving forward. But uh, exactly what is it that’s “moving”?

As Screenrant also points out, we know basically nothing about Shazam as a movie. The basics are sure to be similar to the comics, I think we can count on that. But there’s no cast at all now that Black Adam will be appearing first elsewhere, and the actual story that the movie will tell is a total unknown.

So, if you’re a Shazam fan, sit tight I guess. We’ll have more on this one as it’s revealed, though you can probably have some confidence at least, that it’s (probably) going to actually get done.

Source: Screenrant

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