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Bethesda’s Prey gets new trial edition, takes the place of demo

Have you been waiting to try out the rebooted Prey from Bethesda and Arkane? Now’s your time, as the game has a free trial as of today.

Prey 2.0

Prey arrived earlier this year to pretty solid scores from the press. Metacritic actually has the game at 79 to 84, depending on platform. That’s not bad at all. Though, since the game released, I’ve heard some talk about how gamers would have rather seen a continuation of the original game’s storyline.

That game involved a Native American-tinged tale that wound its way around alien abductions and grotesque abominations, of which there were plenty to battle. It was also a great FPS at its core. And yes, I’m one more fan that’ll add himself to the pile that’d have liked to have seen more.

But that wasn’t to be, as Bethesda decided to go a different route.

Bringing on developer Arkane to craft a slick adventure that looks less horror and more sci-fi, Prey was rebooted. As its own thing, it honestly looks pretty awesome. I can’t say though, that given the choice, I wouldn’t have preferred the former to the latter.

That’s enough looking back, as the trial for Prey is here right now. And it’s set to give people like me a chance to dive in, free of charge. You might also note that I’m not using the word “demo”, and there’s a reason for that.

Well, firstly, there already was a demo. But second is that this “trial” allows you to save your progress. Before you ask, yes that means you can continue from where the trial ends if you decide to purchase the complete retail edition of the game. I love that idea, as a big put-off to playing demos at all (for me) is that you have to replay whatever is in it if you buy in. Great move by Bethesda there.

It’s available now on the Xbox One and the PS4, where it takes the place of the demo. As for the PC, that platform has it too as of today. So no more excuses.

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