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Marvel unwraps new Legacy titles with Spidey, Deadpool, The Guardians, and… Power Pack

Yep, Power Pack is coming back, along with a few other titles that’ve just been confirmed by Marvel. Legacy is gong to be interesting, that’s pretty much a given.

Living Legacy

So this is interesting.

If you’re a comic fan, then chances are that you’re already familiar with Marvel Legacy. The newest initiative from the publisher, Legacy is aimed at evening out the heroic roster of the Marvel U. So basically, you’ll see newer versions of the iconic Marvel characters, they’ll still be out there. But, you’re going to get those classic heroes as well. So if you were a little miffed that your faves were being (for lack of a better term) replaced, well you’re probably going to dig Legacy.

And it kind of seems like this is going to be a “best of both worlds” kind of thing. So if you’re really into the newer heroes like Iron Heart, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.

What I didn’t see coming though, was something like Power Pack. Not around for years (no really, years), Power Pack stars a group of youthful heroes. It’s kind of like a younger Fantastic Four in theme, with a semi-family dynamic. And it’ll return with Legacy numbering in place, meaning the first issue will be issue #63.

If you don’t know what I mean there, Legacy renumbers a bunch of Marvel titles to some beefy digits. Check out the gallery for the reasoning behind the mathematics.

As for the books themselves, here’s what’s on the way. Watch for it all on the racks this fall.

    Written by ROBBIE THOMPSON
    Written by PETER DAVID
    Art by WILL SLINEY
    Written by GERRY DUGGAN
    Art by MARCUS TO
  • POWER PACK #63
    Written by DEVIN GRAYSON

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