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Mayhem Clash Comes to Destiny’s Iron Banner Next Week

That’s right Bungie has announced in their Weekly Update that for the first time ever Mayhem will be coming to the Iron banner.

Maximum Supercharge

Remember, Mayhem Clash will be full on war and well “mayhem”. All stats are buffed and expect to get your super immediately after the use of the first one. Ords will drop everywhere and so will your controllers in frustration.

The fight for “maximum supercharge” and the hunger for endgame loot will begin on Tuesday, May 9 at 10 AM Pacific. It will end on the following week on Tuesday, May 16 at 2 AM Pacific.

Down Below is a list of the sweet loot you can expect to get from the vendor.

Loot Table:

  • Pulse Rifles – The Clever Dragon
  • Machine Guns – The Silvered Dread
  • Chest Piece
  • Leg Armor 

After this Iron Banner, It won’t be too long till Bungie’s Destiny 2 gameplay premiere on May 18, 2017, on their Twitch channel!

Here is a quote for Bungie’s Community Manger Deej on the gameplay premiere: “As you might expect, it’s a pretty big deal for us. Builds are being deployed and reviewed. Bugs are being identified and squashed. Right beside all the development work being poured into reveal (and beyond), our people are getting prepped to stand on stage and put on what we hope is one hell of a show for you. We’re getting butterflies as we count down the days.”

See you guys next month for Iron Banner when things will look a whole lot different for Destiny!

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