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Night Trap to get 25th Anniversary Edition

In terms of video games, 2017 just keeps getting better.

A surprise announcement came on Tuesday afternoon, announcing that Night Trap, the 1992 FMV game will be getting a special re-release this Spring.

The original game is a bit before my time, so this release is incredible to see. Before anyone asks, it looks as though the main improvements to the game are improvements to the interface. I’m really not sure how the game, being FMV, could be touched up even if the developers really wanted to.

Another neat thing: Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition is getting a limited run physical release on Playstation 4. Limited release, Night Trap and Playstation 4 are four words I never thought I would use together in a sentence, but here we are.

To add to the awesome novelty, click here to go to the website for the re-release, where you can download an mp3 of the game’s theme song.

No specific release date has been set. The best we have is Spring 2017. The re-release is being released by Screaming Villains. The original Night Trap released in October, 1992.

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