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Sony reveals new 1TB PS4 Slim coming later this month

Sony has announced a new model of the PS4 Slim will arrive later this month, complete with a much larger memory storage unit.

The Facts

Revealed through a post to the official Playstation Twitter account, it was announced the new version of the Slim will release sometime later this month in North America. the console is listed for $300 USD, the same price as the current PS4 Slim with a memory capacity of 500 GB. The version was originally released in September of 2016 in the UK, but has not been made available in North America up to this point.

More information on the console is available on the official Playstation website, but an official release date has still not been announced.

Author’s Take

It’s worth noting that the PS4 Pro release is within shouting distance, but a cheaper price point for a system with more storage capacity is still a good draw. Stay tuned for the official release date in the coming days.




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