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Slash skates her way into Quake Champions in latest trailer

Bethesda continues to round out the roster for the next installment of Quake.

Roller derby

So one day after we get a hoverboarder, we get Slash. And she looks to be straight from some kind of roller derby in hell. I mean that in the best way possible of course, cause she’s yet another cool-looking combatant.

And yet again, I’m forced to admit that QC is looking pretty damn good. I’m not a fan of online shooters in the slightest, but everything seems to be coming together quite nicely for this one. Then again, it should, since we’re talking about a shooter that seems to be taking more than a few queues from last year’s Doom. And that, my friends, can only be a good thing.

Here’s Slash’s profile, straight from Bethesda:

Another week, another Champion Profile for Quake Champions. This time, we’re starting a little trouble with one of the game’s badass women – Slash – the Roller Queen of the Arenas. She’s fast, brash and a viciously effective warrior for skilled fraggers. Her Plasma Trail ability punishes enemies who follow too close and allows her to strategically encircle key points and power-ups in a crushing wall of suffering. On her skates, she’s fast and nimble, and using Crouch Slide only increases her mobility around corners.

CHAMPION PROFILE: Slash – Roller Queen
Starting Statistics:

  • Starting Health: 100
  • Starting Armor: 25
  • Speed: 310
Active Ability – Plasma Trail: Activating Slash’s Active Ability leaves a bright trail of destruction in her wake, inflicting damage on enemies careless enough to pass through the wall of pain. Players can also choose to hit their ability button again, causing the trail to explode, inflicting massive damage to Champions in the area. Cut off key paths or encircle enemies or power-ups in a crushing barrier of suffering.
Passive Ability – Crouch Slide: Slash is already super mobile, but by crouching while running, she’ll use her skates to go into Crouch Slide, allowing her to move full speed while crouching and whip around corners smoother and faster than other Champions.

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