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Check out transhuman punk Anarki in new Quake Champions trailer

Quake Champions, the new multiplayer-only shooter from Bethesda, looks to have a pretty interesting set of playable characters if Anarki here is anything to go by.

Quake Champions is Anarki

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of what Bethesda is doing with Quake. I’m a single player gamer first and foremost. And with that in mind, believe me when I say that I’m not a fan of multiplayer, online stuff anymore. I was a huge follower of the sub-genre in the 90s, but that was then and I just have no time at all to ‘get good’ anymore.

Still though, I also can’t bring myself to say a bad word about Quake Champions. It might not be for me, but man does it look great. In fact, the more I see of it, the better it looks and the more I’m warming up to it.

What else can I say, since the game has some stunning looking graphics, fast as lightning action, and a very interesting cast of characters. Take Anarki here, with his hoverboard, jetting around the skies of Quake Champions. I mean that’s just awesome and could make him a very unique character in QC’s stable.

Here’s his stats:

CHAMPION PROFILE: Anarki – Transhuman Punk

Starting Statistics:

  • Starting Health: 75
  • Starting Armor: 25
  • Speed: 320

Active Ability – Health Injection: Taking too much damage? Good thing for you Anarki is well-versed in various performance enhancing … treatments. Use the Health Injection Active Ability to give Anarki a quick heal mid-match. Juice it up, baby!

Passive Ability – Hoverboard Air Control: Anarki’s hoverboard is a brutal bonus. Anarki is already one of the fastest Champions in the game, but the hoverboard means he can actually gain speed as he strafe-jumps around the Arenas, reaching a ludicrous velocity. In addition, his hoverboard awards a special Passive Ability that allows players more control in mid-air to turn sharply and chase down enemies or escape those who dare follow him up a jump pad.

Quake Champions hits the PC some time this year, and will have a closed beta that’s on the way soon. Sign up for that here.

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