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Toy Fair 17: Super 7 goes full Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe license has officially moved over to Super 7, and they’re taking full advantage.

I have the power!

With all the big guns already made by Mattel, you might ask yourself what’s left for Super 7. After all, the company’s line of MOTU figures is a part of the Classics line, so it isn’t like they’re starting over or anything. The answer though, is quite a bit.

Between the mini-comics, and all the various offshoots of the core franchise that’ve appeared over the years, there’s plenty of fodder for new figures. You might not know these characters as well though. We’re not talking Tri-Clops and Man at Arms here. Still, they’re still pretty wicked looking.

And that’s exactly what took up a good deal of real estate at the Super 7 booth at Toy Fair 2017. Well, that among other things. Also on display were the Ultimate versions of the core characters that went on sale earlier this year. Plus some Filmation-cross-Classics styled figures. So it looks like that series is continuing as well.

Then there were some super-interesting figures styled after the original figures from way back in the 80s. They honestly kind of stole the show too. Imagine the Filmation look, but as an action figure that was made in the style of the original He-Man toys, and you have a good idea of what they’re doing. Actually, why not just take a look and see what I’m taking about in the gallery below.

MUSCLE and more

Aside from the above, there was some pretty awesome, but kind of secondary, stuff on display as well. Super 7’s MUSCLE line continues with not only MOTU, but also Aliens, Mega Man (!), and more. Also, if you loved Super 7’s Kenner-esque line of He-Man figures, then you’ll be happy to know that series 2 is on the way and includes figures of Kobra Khan and Battle Armor versions of He-Man and Skeletor. Cool stuff.

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