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New Call of Cthulhu trailer creeps out

A better Cthulhu game than Dark Corners of the Earth? The Official Video Game just might be all of that.

The depths of Cthulhu

Pretty freaking creepy. Call of Cthulhu has been percolating for a while now, and it’s looked better and better with every peek. Not that we’ve had a ton of early looks at it, but the game seems to have all the staple Lovecraftian cues, and it’s running with all of them.

Unseen things lurking in the dark, grisly scenes of carnage, and a mysterious murder will all do that. As will madness of course, and it looks like this one will be exploring the Cthulhu mythos’ most disturbing element in spades. If you don’t know, the beasts in writer HP Lovecraft’s stories tend to have a really negative effect on the minds of mortals.

It also looks like there’s a hefty dose of mystery present here. And with that, Call manages to not look like just another horror-shooter. At least, at this point. I’d love to see an emphasis on exploration and discovery.

Most horror games have precious little of that. Instead they seem to mostly have a lot of shooting monsters in the face. Not that that doesn’t have a place too. But again, we’ll see. Since Call of Cthulhu hasn’t really been detailed as of yet, it’s hard to tell which way the pendulum is swinging.

From developer Cyanide and publishing house Focus Home, Call of Cthulhu is based on the Chaosium universe, and will arrive for consoles and the PC sometime this year.

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