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It Is Time To Rise & Shine

In this exciting adventure, players will become the little hooded hero, Rise, with his trusty companion, Shine. It appears there is something askew with the world and together, Rise & Shine, will shoot their way across a colorful world. The time is now, for Rise & Shine.

Rise & Shine
It is time to Rise & Shine

Don’t Sass Talk Me

While Rise is the hero of the story, he would not make it without his fabled, foul-mouthed, talking gun, Shine. Together these two will do whatever it takes to make things right. This fast-paced arcade shooter is a platforming puzzler with a side of bullet hell. This game will no doubt be difficult, but rewarding. Get ready to battle against giant robots, crazy insects and scary aliens. It looks as though Rise & Shine will be getting quite the workout.


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