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Cable preps for action in Marvel’s latest X-book

Yet another part of the upcoming ResurrXion X-Men relaunch, Cable is getting a fresh series, with a fresh direction.

“One of the things about Cable is he’s a ‘time warrior’”, says writer James Robinson in an interview with Marvel.com. “Time travel is part of his make-up in almost every aspect of his history – no pun intended. This series will be Cable on a race against time to fix time. And in the course of Cable’s mission, we’ll see him in a lot of great time periods like 15th century Japan, WWI, the Stone Age, Victorian England and on and on, with those time periods made more crazy and sci-fi by time being fractured by the villain of our series.”

Cable… time warrior?

Okay well, I don’t know about that phrase that Robinson used there. “Time warrior” isn’t really something I’d call Nathan Summers. Yes, he’s a time-traveller, and it’s a huge element in his story, but time warrior? Nah.

That’s not to say that I don’t seriously dig the looks of this book though. The story sounds like a great departure for Cable, who’s been kinda dragged around for a few years here. He’s been in and out of stories (aside from the prelude to AvX) that’ve been mediocre at best. Seeing this kind of a refocusing is fantastic. As a fan, I’m super into it.

Also- he looks fantastic. Gone is that goofy, oversized arm. What we’ve got here is a true return to form for the Askani’son- monster hand-cannons and all. Now all we’ve got to have is to see him get involved with the new X-Force book at some point down the line and the circle will be complete.

For now though, Cable #1 will definitely suffice. Catch it when the new series debuts in the Spring of 2017.

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