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Space Goat announces Terminator board game

Hot on the heels of their Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter, comes word that Space Goat’s next tabletop effort will take gamers into the war-torn, apocalyptic future of Terminator.

The Terminator: The Official Board Game (Teaser) from Space Goat Productions on Vimeo.

You’re terminated

Board games have, you’re probably well aware, made a monster comeback as of late. Tabletop anything seems just about as popular as it’s ever been, and Space Goat publishing has made the most of it. Not a name that you’d typically associate with the art form, the comic book publisher recently concluded a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

That effort was for their Evil Dead 2 game, which looks pretty terrific (I backed it). This next release though, is something all together different. The Terminator: The Official Board Game will be hitting Kickstarter in February, 2017 and should be another title to watch.

“We’re bringing 1984 back. The only movie we care about is the original. We love retro. We want to explore the beginning.” Space Goat President Shon Bury said. “Which is why for this game, we’re focusing on what hardcore Terminator fans love about the original movie.”

Two boards of terror

The company is touting strategy and action for the game, which will run asymmetrically across two boards. Two boards?! Yep, games of Space Goat’s Terminator will play out in both 1984 (the year of the original film) and 2029, which is the year that Kyle Reese and the Terminator originally travelled from.

One player will essentially be the Dungeon Master, and run the forces of Skynet’s horrific future. Yes, you can expect to see Terminators, but also Hunter Killers, and new bots that will be created just for the game (but will keep with he aesthetic). The opposing side, of course, will be the human resistance.

Just how this will all play and how the dual board setup will function is a mystery as of now. But as a fan of the property, I’m interested. Click here for more info.

“At its robotic heart, The Terminator™ is a raw and intense chase scene,” Evil Dead 2 Board Game Designer Taylor Smith said. “Combine that with a reactive time travel mechanic and you get a super fun mash-up of action and strategy.”

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