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Thunderbolts #1 (Comics) Preview

Bucky and his band of Thunderbolts are not having the best of times in this first issue.

Thunderbolts return, now with 100% more Bucky

The Winter Soldier and his team of outlaws are crashing headlong into Marvel NOW! with a new story arc and a new jumping on point! Today, Marvel is pleased to provide your first look at THUNDERBOLTS #7 – the next explosive chapter and the first installment of “Caught Red-Handed”! From creators Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse – Bucky and his rogue unit have operated in the shadows long enough. It’s time to shine a light on them. But Bucky didn’t think the person hunting them down would be his best friend – Steve Rogers!

Captured and separated from his team, Bucky will have to face Captain America on his own—and with Steve’s secret transformation into an undercover Hydra agent, that might not go as smoothly as Bucky expects. Plus – an original Thunderbolt returns! How will Songbird react to the reunion of her former team? Will the Thunderbolts leave Bucky high and dry? Those answers and more as the Thunderbolts make their Marvel NOW! debut in THUNDERBOLTS #7 – coming to comic shops everywhere on November 30th!

Thunderbolts are go

So, looks like Marvel is taking another stab at the good-badguy group. I haven’t followed the book since the first run, which was actually pretty good. That was the ‘Citizen V’ team, headed up by someone who eventually turned out to be Baron Zemo.

That was then though, and The Winter Soldier is very much now. I was wondering when Buck was going to take a more active role int eh Marvel Universe, seeing as he’s been a force in the recent movies. And well, here we are.

He should fit right in with the Thunderbolts too, seeing as their claim to fame is being villains-turned-heroes. And honestly, he brings a little life to it, which is hasn’t had in a while. Should be fun.

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