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New JRPG The Alliance Alive Announced

A new JRPG is being made overseas

Cattle Call is a developer that has flown under the radar for the most part. Even though it has been making games for nearly two decades. Its latest game, The Legend of Legacy, received mixed to positive reviews on Metacritic. Cattle Call has decided to press forward and have announced the next game that they are developing, The JRPG Alliance Alive.

The world of The Alliance Alive is a rather bleak one. Thousands of years ago, it was invaded by magical beings known as Asmodians. Their invasion sent the tides and currents of the sea out of balance, making sea travel impossible and flooding the mainlands. Isolated zones, separated by the sea, are ruled by the Asmodians. The game will feature nine different protagonists, who will start separately before gradually interesting with each other.

What is arguably one of the most interesting things about The Alliance Alive is the head writer. Yoshitaka Murayama, known for his work on the cult classic series, Suikoden. The director of the first three Suikoden games before leaving Konami, Murayama has gone freelance since then. This is the first game that he has worked on since 2006. Only time will tell what Murayma will be able to bring to the table in making The Alliance Alive

The game’s release date is sometime in Spring of 2017. It will be available on the 3DS There is no word on an overseas port as of yet.

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