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This might be the biggest Godzilla toy ever released

Just how big of a Godzilla fan are you? I ask because there’s a beast of a figure just hitting. And I mean that in both size and price.

The King of Monsters!

With a new movie hitting a few weeks back and love of giant monsters still running rampant, this release is pretty good timing. Officially dubbed ‘Burning Godzilla Gigantic Series Action Figure’, this is one massive lizard. As far as I know, it’s the biggest Godzilla toy ever made, and there’ve been a few. I remember one when the 2000 Hollywood-made movie was released, and that big one from Jakks a few years back too. But even so, this one might best all of ’em.

And he’s pretty much going to tower over almost everything else in your collection, kaiju or not. Yep, standing in at an impressive 19″, ‘Zilla stretches out to nearly three feet in length at 35″. That’s your big boy right there.

You might imagine though, a collector figure this big wouldn’t be cheap. And you’d be correct in that assumption. Logged under internet retailer Entertainment Earth’s “Really Cool Expensive Stuff” heading, Burning Godzilla here is a beastly $569.99 USD. Yes, that’s a ton of cash for anything, a giant Godzilla figure included. If you have it though, well he is pretty awesome.

Not quite available yet, the Burning Godzilla Gigantic Series Action Figure is nonetheless scheduled to ship out this month. You can pre-order one for yourself at the link below.

Burning Godzilla Gigantic Series Action Figure
Burning Godzilla Gigantic Series Action Figure

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Coming in October 2016 (details)
Pre-Order now and we’ll deliver in October 2016 (estimated date / subject to change).
Item Number: XPS11030

Really Cool Expensive Stuff

Price: $569.99

Quantity: 1

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