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The Flash Paradox S3E2 (TV) Review

Flashpoint sees Barry Allen go back with Thawne to make things right. But things are never as easy as they seem. Watch The Flash Paradox S3E2.
The Flash Paradox


So Barry went back and tried to fix things. Again. Now things are better, and worse, at the same time.

Iris is mad at Joe for not telling her that her mother is alive. Cisco is mad at Barry for not running back in time and saving his brother, Dante from a drunk driver. The Rival (Clariss) is alive, but powerless for the moment. Clariss is approached by a masked man calling himself Dr. Alchemy, offering to return his speed to Clariss.

Barry goes to Felicity in Starling City to confide in her of all the problems he is having. Problems with Joe, Iris, Cisco. Barry even has a new CSI partner, Julian Albert (Harry Potter’s Tom Felton). Allen and Albert do not get along, yet have been working together for over a year.

Patching Things Up

After learning of all the problems he is having with his old friends, Barry decides that the best way to overcome this is to gather everyone at the West house for dinner. Getting everyone in the same place will help to smooth things over. Even if he has to lie to get them all to show up. The gang does not appreciate being lied to. Though after some time and some good food, the attitudes begin to soften, and everyone starts to behave a bit more agreeably.

Barry enters the Speed Force again, only to be ripped from the Speed Force into 1998 for a pep talk by Jay Garrick – challenging Barry ‘what kind of man are you going to be‘.

Once the team is again on speaking terms, they assist Barry in locating Rival at the Prescott Mill, the site of the showdown with Rival and Kid Flash, with Flash’s aid in the flashpoint timeline. This time the numbers are in Rivals’ favor, as he brought Dr. Alchemy along for the ride. A battle ensues between the speedsters, with only minimal interference from the mysterious doctor. An unexpected assist for Barry arrives, in time to turn the tides.

Things To Come

Barry tells everyone that he has made huge mistakes by meddling with the timeline. He offers to tell each person how their life has changed. The episode closes with two teasers: Dr. Alchemy attacking Rival for his failure, and Caitlin Snow not ready to admit her frost-based ability.

Paradox was not the most eventful episode, given the amount of in-fighting between family and team members. However it is great to see them work together, and it looks like team Flash is on the road to handling some big baddies ahead. With some of the flashpoint powers appearing, this could grow to be an incredible squad indeed.

The Flash airs on the CW Network Tuesdays, at 8/7 central, US.

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