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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Sprays Now Monetized

Sprays in CS:GO now have a price tag.

Sprays are an interesting thing in online shooters. You don’t always see them, they’ve become a noticeable staple of the genre. Recently, Valve has introduced a new system around sprays in Counter-Strike: Global Offense that has monetized it. Sprays now only have limited uses of fifty each, completely replacing the free system that was used before.

As of now, players can no longer use whatever image they please as a spray.  There are currently only three ways in order to obtain the sprays. As a drop for ranking up, purchasing it from the Steam Market, and buying spray designs made by community artists. The price on these vary wildly, ranging from fifteen cents to ten dollars as of the time of writing.

There has been a large backlash towards Valve because this. Hundreds of thousands of people play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a daily basis. Many of those fans are not happy about this change. Many have accused Valve of milking the Counter-Strike franchise and others have compared it to motorization of in-game items that the recent gambling scandal. There has been no response from Valve to this reaction.

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