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The Unworthy Thor #1 (Comics) Preview

The original thunder god, Thor Odinson might be on his way back to glory thanks to a mysterious second hammer…

If he be worthy…

This November, superstar creators Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel bring the thunder and the lightning to Marvel NOW!. Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 – the first issue in the highly anticipated new series! Once, he wielded the mighty hammer Mjolnir, but has since been deemed unworthy. Now, his desperate quest for redemption will take him to the far reaches of space, where whispers tell of a mysterious other Mjolnir – another weapon of unimaginable power. Perhaps this relic of a dead universe holds the key to the Odinson’s return to glory. Yet he is not the only one who would seek such a prize. Some of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe are anxious to get their hands on it as well. Can the Odinson regain his honor or will the power of the thunder be wielded for evil? The explosive quest for the hammer begins here when THE UNWORTY THOR #1 crashes into comic shops on November 2nd!

Okay, so two things. First, wasn’t Thor ‘worthy’ again just before Secret Wars kicked off? I haven’t really been paying the utmost of attention to the Odinson’s plight, but I do remember reading a Thor comic just before Secret Wars where he couldn’t lift the ‘unworthy’ hammer of the other-dimensional Thor. Doesn’t that mean he’s worthy again of lifting and wielding Mjolnir? Just a bit confusing, that.

A Mjolnir by any other name

That aside though, I like the look of this new book a ton. Not only is it classic Thor(kinda) in the starring role, but he’s questing through the Marvel cosmos. You know that’s gonna be all kinds of cool. Also cool, is that that certainly looks like the ‘Ultimate’ Thor’s version of Mjolnir that he’s questing after. Given the fallout of the aforementioned Secret Wars, that’s a pretty awesome little nod too to the universe that was.

As a fan of the iconic version of the character, I’m excited. November 2nd can’t come fast enough.

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