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Resident Evil and Batman to be timed exclusives for PSVR

Did you think that the upcoming Batman: Arkham VR and VR mode for Resident Evil 7 were exclusive to PSVR?

Virtually timed

So, here’s the thing, there’s nothing new about timed exclusives. Games hitting one console over another, then remaining an exclusive for only a limited period of time have been around for (console) generations. Even the latest Tomb Raider title was timed for the Xbox One, hitting the PS4 about a year later. And that’s just the route that some of the biggest PSVR ‘exclusives’ will be taking too.

When Batman: Arkham VR hits for the PSVR at launch, it’ll be exclusive to that headset and the PS4. Same goes for Resident Evil 7’s VR mode, which allows you to play through the whole game in VR when it arrives on January 24th, 2017. But, as I mentioned, they won’t stay Playstation exclusives.

Both games have had materials surface recently that show how long exclusivity might be. So you might eventually be able to play both titles on the PC, or maybe even the Xbox Scorpio.


Tentative, possible dates

In the case of Resident Evil 7, you have a long wait ahead. The game is timed to the PSVR till early int he year. That year being 2018. But while there’s a 12 month window on that survival horror jaunt, you’ll be able to step into the boots of the the Batman much sooner. Batman: Arkham VR might be landing on the PC on March 31st, 2017.

I have to stay vague in both cases, as to the actually launches, since none of this is set in stone on the PC end of things. Both dates listed are for the termination of Playstation exclusivity, not the launches on the PC. So it’s technically possible that Batman: Arkham VR will land on Steam this coming Spring, but it’s also possible that it’ll hit later in the Summer, or even not at all.

We’ll have to see. For now though, figure on picking up a PSVR if you want to definitely play either of these titles.

Source: MCV

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