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Doctor Strange #12 (Comics) Preview

The Last Days of Magic have taken their toll, and Doctor Strange is at his weakest. A fact that his enemies are painfully aware of.

Blood in the Aether

The Last Days of Magic were just the beginning. This October, the Sorcerer Supreme begins a deadly gauntlet of his greatest foes as “Blood in the Aether” kicks off in DOCTOR STRANGE #12! Blockbuster creators Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo begin the next phase of their critically-acclaimed series – beginning with a Stephen Strange on the brink of death! His magic has been depleted, all but lost. Sensing him at his absolute weakest, his enemies see their greatest opportunity yet – destroy him once and for all! Baron Mordo, Dormammu, SatanaMaster PandemoniumNightmareKaecilius and more are all ready to take their shot. If Doctor Strange is to survive, he’ll have to learn to defeat them without the help of his magical abilities. The rules of magic in the Marvel Universe have been reshaped. Can Doctor Strange adapt in time…or is it too late? Don’t miss out on the kickoff to the next explosive story arc when “Blood in the Aether” kicks off in DOCTOR STRANGE #12!

Well, something tells me that Doc Strange will indeed get his groove back in time to take on that list of baddies. Still though, seeing him in this new light, however brief it might shake out to be, sounds great. I haven’t read a Doctor Strange comic in years too, so for me in particular I’m looking forward to the new arc. No better place to jump onboard after all.

A mystic revival

Don’t forget that the new film hits in just a few months time too. So there should be a ramp up for the character in the Marvel Comics U as well as in pop culture in general. Another resurgence for a somewhat forgotten Marvel hero? Seems that way.

Doctor Strange #12 lands in stores and on digital download storefronts on October 5th. Look for it from the team of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachelor. Scroll down for the full preview.

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