Bethesda outlines incoming free Doom update

Hitting soon for Doom, one the best FPS’ of the year, is the third free update with more multiplayer goodness.

Doom Deathmatch returns

Doom’s Quake-inspired multiplayer mode might not have gotten the acclaim that its campaign did, but it’s still plenty fun. Fast paced and loaded with cool stuff like actually playing as the game’s iconic demons, it’s a solid supplement to what’s already a phenomenal game. And now it’s just that much better.

Yes folks, Deathmatch is back.

There was a time when Doom’s Deathmatch was the only game in town. While it’s not that way anymore, the mode should make long time fans smile nice and broad. If you’re somehow not aware of what a Deathmatch mode entails, well it’s basically a free for all. No teams or anything like that, just blasting every other player on the map. Nice and simple.

Of course that’s not all that you get in this free update. Fans will also be able to set up Private Matches where you select your own maps and modes for you and your buddies. You’ll also be able to adjust “time limit, score limit, or turning demons and power weapon off or on” in your matches. So there’s lots of cool stuff on the way if you like your Doom in the multiplayer style.

Want a further look? Tune in for a livestream on Twitch this Tuesday (September 13th) at 2pm eastern time to see id Software’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin for a better look.

Free update number three arrives for your copy of Doom this month.

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