Apple’s September Event Highlights

For those of you who missed Apple’s special IPhone Event on September 7 2016, fret not; we’ve compiled a list of highlights for you!

Without further ado, the highlights:

Mario is coming to IOS!

Nintendo have announced that Super Mario is coming to IOS devices in the form of Super Mario Run. Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s game designer, introduced the game’s trailer at the event. With retro-esque graphics and easy tap game play, Super Mario Run is definitely something to look forward to. Features in the game include collecting coins, one-hand game play, challenge courses, Mushroom Kingdom creation and player course challenges. The game is due to be released in December.

You can now catch Pokemon on your wrists!

So everyone and their grandmothers have experienced the sheer force of Pokemon GO’s popularity. Well, it gets worse. With the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 2, comes the implementation of catching Pokémon with your Apple Watch! Some added features to the series 2 include water resistance, a built-in GPS and some stuff about fitness that no one really cares about. The point is, you can now easily catch the wild Snorlax that appeared! (Kudos to everyone who did catch the Snorlax at the Apple event)

IPhone 7 revealed

The new IPhone 7 and 7 Plus offer an array of features while also stripping away some core mobile traits. Most notably, is the removal of the audio jack. Add-ons include a new two-way camera and sharper screen; a force-sensitive “home” icon, storage upgrade (32GB), a new chip that improves processing performance and an array of colours (silver, gold, rose gold, black and jet black). The battery also lasts two hours more than the 6S. The 7 is currently going for $649 and the 7 Plus for $769. Preorders start Friday!

IOS 10

CEO, Tim Cook, introduced the new operating system, as:

‘the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”

Its features include a new ‘home’ management tool, Apple HomeKit, redesigned maps that allow reservations and bookings to be made inside it and a system in which the phone is awoken from sleep by simply picking it up.


With the implementation of Apple’s audio jack-lessness, comes the invention of AirPods: wireless headphones. The headphones can last up to five hours on a single charge and are able to sync wirelessly with your phone (they also kind of look like mini hairdryers).

So what do you think about the new releases? Is Super Mario Run a hit or miss? Are you as upset about the lack of audio jack as I am? What colour IPhone 7 are you pre-ordering? Are you an Android user who doesn’t care and is only here to rage about Mario being introduced to IOS first?
Let us know in the comments below!

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