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Pokemon Go to Recieve New Buddy System

Buddy Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has seen quite a few updates as of late, and another is just around the corner. This time, a brand new feature is being added, Buddy Pokemon. How it works is that players pick a buddy Pokemon that appears next to them on the profile screen. While walking the player can also earn candy for that Pokemon in particular. Players are not locked into buddy Pokemon, and can change it whenever they wish.

This raises a lot of possibilities for the future of Pokemon Go. Normally, candy can only be acquired by catching Pokemon, and many players have trouble finding Pokemon outside of the most basic ones. The result of this is that people cannot evolve or level up many of their rarer Pokemon effectively. This may be changed by this update. It may require a lot of work, but many people will gleefully put the time in to get that rare evolution they’ve been wanting.

Niantic did not give a specific release date for this update. It did, however, state that it had a lot in the works for Fall.

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