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Titanosaur’s Addition to Ark: SE Receives Backlash

Little love for the Titanosaur

Size comparison of the Titanosaur

Ark: Survival Evolved was an early access game that was released on Steam back in June of 2015. It has recently undergone another update. Being a survival game with dinosaur themes, it’s only natural that they would add more. The newest dino to grace the game is the Titanosaur, who lives up to its name with claims that it is one of the biggest dinosaurs in gaming.

However, fan reception has been very lukewarm. Originally pitched as a something that could be tamed and turned into a mobile base, it came with a despised feature. It could only be tamed temporarily. As a result, anyone who put time and resources into turning it into a base had both wasted when the hidden timer hit zero.

Other problems that quickly emerged was the fact that it was capable of demolishing static bases, even sturdier metal ones. Because of this, combined with the aggressive nature of the Titanosaur, it has become a very unpopular edition to the game.

The developers or Ark, Studio Wildcard, has apologized to those who were disappointed with this latest addition. They then promised that they will continue to respond to fan feedback and improve the game. No doubt changes will be made to the Titanosaur in the near future. Whether they will be well received or not remains to be seen.

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