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Fight like hell, the Doom launch trailer is here

Some interesting hints as to the game’s story emerge, as Doom’s launch trailer blasts onto the web.

First, I love that homage to the classic game’s artwork. Perfectly mixes up a little nostalgia with the new designs for 2016’s iteration of the FPS classic. Second, “you’ve returned”?

Kinda, sorta sounds like you play as the original ‘Doom Guy’ (what was his actual name anyway?) in the new Doom, which is all kinds of awesome. That pretty much would mean that the original pair of titles in the franchise, and Final Doom I guess, would be prequels to this new game. I was under the impression that id’s new demonic baby was another clean reboot similar to Doom 3, which despite being saddled with a ‘3’ was clearly supposed to be a whole new Doom-iverse.

Of course, I might be reading way too much into that comment. The line itself might take a totally different tone within the confines of the actual game, but still, it’s pretty cool to think that this might be the direction that Bethesda and id are heading down for the franchise. After all, while the original Doom and Doom II weren’t exactly heavy on narrative, a hell of a lot went down in those two games, stuff that’d be of massive significance to a true third installment.

Remember, that ‘Hell on Earth’ subtitle wasn’t just there for show. Hell was actually supposed to have come to Earth in the second game, even though the graphics didn’t really make it look all that convincing. So if this is even remotely close to what I’m thinking it is, fans of the classic games might be getting a lot more than they think.

Again though, that’s if any of this means anything at all, and it certainly might not. The good part is that we don’t have long to wait to find out with Doom set to arrive for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One next Friday – on May 13th.

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