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You-know-who bares his claws in the new X-Men trailer

There are glimpses of lots of fan-favorites in this new trailer for the upcoming X-Men film. You’ll see the core X-Men and Apocalypse of course, but also Jubilee and, you know, Wolverine.

Oh like you thought Wolvie wouldn’t actually be in there somewhere. To be fair, it’s still pretty unclear just what Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will be doing in X-Men Apocalypse, or what state he’ll be in. The scene he’s involved in kind of looks like a military facility, so I suppose it could be the HQ of the Weapon X program. His fist is also bare in the image, so we know that he’s not wearing an X-Men uniform, or some version of the Wolverine costume (which is a big missed opportunity, should that hold true). Still, it’s pretty cool that he’s there. Wouldn’t be an X-flick without him being there in some fashion.

We also get a look at a comics accurate Jubilee in there, which is great, and some brief looks at Archangel’s metallic wings, as well as Psylocke in action. Speaking of, Not only does Olivia Munn look the part, but it seems like the fight scenes with Psylocke should be pretty neat ones with her psychic knife in full effect (which looks great by the way).

One thing we don’t get to see here is Blob, who’s been making the rounds in a publicity shot that hit the web this week. For what it’s worth, he looks spot-on, and very little like the Fred Dukes that we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (thankfully).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way X-Men Apocalypse is shaping up. Yes, as a fan I’m still not happy that the X-Men franchise still sits firmly with Fox and the characters aren’t in the MCU proper, and yes I don’t like the fact that they still don’t have comics style costumes (seriously, what is it with that?), but I have to admit that X-Men Apocalypse is looking better and better with every trailer. That’s got to count for something.

Cross your fingers, the movie hits the big screen next month, on May 27th.

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