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New Battleborn motion comics from Gearbox

Hot off the heels of the successful open beta, two million downloads, comes three motion comics about the characters of Battleborn. These three comics tell a short story about General Ghalt and how he escapes the planet Penarch. The General is in charge of evacuating the planet’s surface before the Varelsi and Rendain turn the planet dark. Check out these comics to find out if General Ghalt survives.

Battleborn is a new shooter from Gearbox Software. This is a FPS, much like Borderlands, and takes place all across the universe as a team of misfits must work together and stop Rendain from blacking out the remaining stars in the universe. Players will work in small groups and choose from 25 different characters and help General Ghalt save the universe from the darkness.

Watch the mystery and intrigue in this episode as we see there is a traitor amongst the Varelsi.

In the next episode, we see two combatants battle it out with the Varelsi and discuss is this war worth fighting?

No matter the situation, General Ghalt will leave no man, or woman, behind.

Find all the information you may need about Battleborn at the website, here. Did you get a chance to participate in the beta this past weekend? What did you think of the game if so? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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