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Superhot goes hot as of today for PC and Mac

Super. Hot.

Superhot plays as fast or as slow as you might like, which is pretty darn unique for a first-person shooter. Basically playing out in a constant state of time-freeze, the action in Superhot only moves when you move your character.

So if you’re heading down a hallway filled with enemies shooting at you for example, the bullets being fired won’t move until you do. It’s hard to explain, but if you check out the trailer above you’ll get some idea of what I mean. It’s really almost like a turn-based strategy game, but in the guise of an FPS.

It also changes up the system in another way- there are no ammo drops and there’s no regenerating health. So basically, don’t get shot too much. Oh, and those weapons that enemies drop? You better grab ’em whenever you can because those are the only guns you’re going to find.

And although the game looks like it might not, there is a main campaign to Superhot, which offers a storyline just like any other FPS. There’s more though, as Superhot also comes packing and Endless Mode that throws a never-ending onslaught of baddies at you, a Challenge Mode that dares you to engage the game with your “bare hands, no restarts, timed runs, and more”, a Replay Editor that’ll have you crafting a movie out of your super hot exploits (which you can upload to Killstagram.com), and a load of extras that include mini-games, artwork and more.

Ready to play on the PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac as of right now, Superhot will cost you $24.99 USD. And Xbox One gamers shouldn’t fret either, as you’ll be able to play this one on Microsoft’s console as of next month.

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