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Sonic: Lost World coming to Steam

The previously exclusive WiiU title, Sonic Lost World will be coming to the PC gaming platform in the beginning of November.

A listing for the blue speeder’s recent game popped up on Steam, with a pre-purchase deal that includes Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. The game, which can be pre-purchased right now for $29.99 was originally released in 2013 for the WiiU and 3DS as a part of a Sonic exclusivity deal between Sega and Nintendo.

The Wii U version of the game received very mixed reviews upon initial release, ranging from 36/40 from Famitsu, to 4/10 from Eurogamer. The game provided a fresh re-imagining of what Sonic could be in opposition of the two dimensions where Sonic seems to work the best.

 On Amazon, Sonic Lost world is currently selling for right about the same price point that the Steam version will sell for.

This Steam release allows those who couldn’t play the game the first time around to experience the polarizing gameplay of Sonic Lost World


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