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Twitch plays Fallout 3

As is the trend now it started with pokemon, which to almost everyones amazement they were able to finish. Then came a new wave of games played through twitch, most notably the insanely difficult to play normally Dark Souls. Now Twitch is playing one of the best games of the last generation, Fallout 3. Played by a bunch of key commands input by twitch users. What could possibly go wrong? In a game driven by character choices, i can envision the chat blowing up when one half of users elect to blow up megaton and the other half decide against it. Its going to be really fun to watch this unfold.

As you can probably tell not much progress has happened thus far, as of writing this article we are still confined to the Vault.

You can watch the stream here

All I can say is good luck, they are definitely going to need it.

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