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Tearaway Unfolded is a Hidden Gem in Sony’s E3 Line up

A beautiful expansion of the Vita version, Tearaway Unfolded bursts off the screen and into you heart.


Tearaway was developed by Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big PlanetUnfolded takes the original Vita game and expands not only the story, but the world and how you interact with it on the PS4. One of my favorite aspects of this game is how it incorporates the DualShock4’s touch pad. Swipe the touch pad to create gusts of wind to help your paper messenger complete the mission. Whether you blow obstacles out of the way, unfold bridges beneath the messenger’s feet, or knock enemies to the ground, your affect on the world is instrumental to helping the hero.

The original game won three BAFTA awards including Artistic Achievement; SXSW Gaming Award for Design & Direction; GANG award for best handheld audio; and E3 2013’s Game Critic’s award for best handheld. The original game is still available on the Vita.

This truly artistic and fun game has slipped under the radar of many. Sony didn’t even really highlight the game at its press conference, instead showing the trailer right before the conference began. Perhaps because the game isn’t technically new, but a Vita expanded to the PS4 they felt it didn’t deserve the time; however, I think they will find this game to be a sleeper hit.

The game launched September 8th along with a companion app. The app allows you to create, cut out, and re-texture the world of Tearaway. Everything you do will be incorporated with the game, creating a wholly unique gaming experience. A beautiful and logical addition that Media Molecule is known for.

Do you want to play Tearaway Unfolded? How do you think it compares to the game Media Molecule did show, Dreams? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet at me! @lmrome3

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