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The Gates of Hell Open Once Again in DOOM

About a month ago, Bethesda released a 10 second trailer that shook me down to the core, DOOM. Yesterday at the Bethesda press conference at E3, they elaborated more with another trailer, as well as almost 15 minutes of gameplay.

 The demo featured an array of plasma and hellfire slinging demons, brutal killshots, gallons of gore, and some BFG’s. To be honest, it was the coolest demo I’ve seen so far, this E3 (next to Fallout, obviously).

 The game boasts an incredibly difficult campaign, with no cover mechanics, and no regenerating health. To stop the legions of Hell, you will have to combine your skills with weapons, incredible speed, insane hand to hand combat techniques, and a lot of bullets.

 You are a DOOM Marine, and you’ve come to the Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility on Mars for one reason: rid Mars of the demonic filth that is plaguing the facility. You are the only thing stopping Hell from becoming Hell on Earth…er, Hell on Mars.

The Cacodemons look a little more brutal than they used to, eh?

 Not only is the game going to feature an astonishing voyage through the Mars base, as well as hell itself, it will also bring back a long lost feature: DOOM multiplayer. Bethesda promises both classic, and all new game modes, as well as fast-paced arena fights. The DOOM multiplayer is going to be a blast of nostalgia to some of you out there, I’m sure, but there’s something that has me even more excited.

 DOOM promises an all new creation tool called SnapMap. An easy to use level editor. With SnapMap, the idea is that anyone can create anything, from simple TDM maps, to complex, full-fledged levels. Using SnapMap, you can also change game logic, to create new modes of play, with this addition, your imagination truly is the limit.

The DOOM SnapMap HUD

 Hell hits Mars, Xbox One, PS4, and PC Spring 2016.

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