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Look out Battleworld, here comes the Red Skull

A big batch of evil is on the way to Secret Wars’ Battleworld in the form of the Red Skull.

Hushed whispers cut across Battleworld. One of the most vile villains in history still straws breath. But how can this be? He should be dead! And yet his legend grows even stronger. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at RED SKULL #1 – a brand new Secret Wars limited series from rising star writer Josh Williamson (NailbiterBirthright) and artist Luca Pizzari (Amazing Spider-Man Special)! The Red Skull should be dead. Banished by Doom to the Shield long ago. If the zombies haven’t gotten to him, the Ultron robots or Annihilation bugs should have! And yet word has reached the other side that he still lives, quietly amassing an army, prepared to strike!

Now, a team of unlikely villains – Magneto, Winter Soldier, Lady Deathstrike, Electro, Moonstone and Jack O’Lantern will venture beyond safety to find the truth for themselves. Only problem – nobody ever comes back from beyond the Shield alive! Witness the horrors of Battleworld in a new way as Williamson and Pizzari unleash RED SKULL #1 on the masses this July!

Now this one could be interesting, very interesting. It sounds like Red Skull is truly something different in Secret Wars on the landscape on Battleworld. We’ve seen characters coming from both the 616 Marvel U and the Ultimate U and invade Battleworld, but the Skull, he seems like someone (at least from pr text) from the ‘old multiverse’ who might be a true threat to Doom, which would be very interesting indeed.

Whatever the case though, Red Skull is always a compelling villain, and it’s great to see him wreaking havoc once again, even if it is on Battleworld. Coming from the mind of writer  Josh Williamson and with art from Luca Pizzari, Red Skull #1 hits the stands July 1st.

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