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Desura/Indie Royale Owner Files For Bankruptcy

The reason for Desura having trouble paying developers seems to have become clear.

Bad Juju Games, the owners of games bundle service Indie Royale and digital distribution platform Desura, have officially filed for bankruptcy.

Desura is a platform similar to GOG and Steam, in which people could buy digital versions of various indie games without DRM, also getting Steam keys for some of those games.  Indie Royale was the company’s answer to the likes of Indie Gala, BundleStars and Humble Bundle, offering a bundle of games for cheap prices, as well as individual games for sale.

The problems for Desura and Indie Royale could possibly be traced back to November 2014, when the highly profitable Linden Labs, owner of Second Life, sold them off to Bad Juju.  For the last couple of weeks, developers have been having trouble getting payments for Desura, and with the bankruptcy case being official, it’s now obvious why.

Source: Gameranx

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