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Clear the Grid, it’s that easy right?

Clear the grid is the new offering by Mr Moo. Available on both iPad and iPhones the game presents a simple concept, simply clear the grid.


With an increasingly difficult grid to clear each time this game challenges you and provides you with a challenge. As of writing this 120 levels are currently available and I have cleared just under 30. The controls are as simple as you would like for a touch screen mobile game, you simply drag across the screen to move the counters in either direction, be this up, down, left or right.

The visual style is simplistic and this complements the games simple premise really well. A tick indicates you have made a move and a satisfying clip indicates you have put 3 counters into a row. This works well to indicate you have made a correct move.Clear the Grid is available right now for free with the small cost of $1.99 (£1.49). Its definitely worth a free download to pass a few minutes on the train.  3/5

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