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Squids. You love ’em, Splatoon’s got ’em.

Just how much do you know about Nintendo’s favorite invertebrates? Well, fortunately the company has released this handy-dandy list of all things squiddy in anticipation of the launch of Splatoon.

Now, to be fair, Splatoon stars squids that turn into people who shoot ink. So, that said, I don’t know how much of the following actually applies to them. You know, being basically organic Transformers and all. I’m probably just putting too much thought into it though, so read on for the cold, hard facts on squids.

10 Fun Facts About Squids:

  1. Squid have gills just like fish. They are often mistaken for octopus. While the two are similar they are different types of creatures.
  2. Every squid has three hearts. They also move through the water tail first instead of head first.
  3. The ink sac can be triggered to release this black substance very rapidly.
  4. The Humboldt squid is very aggressive and will even attack sharks in the water.
  5. The only predators that giant squid have are sperm whales.
  6. Some species of squid are able to glow in the dark, which makes them easier to spot in the dark waters! Research shows this is due to them having bioluminescent organs.
  7. The giant squid have eyeballs that are the same size as a standard basketball – a helpful defense mechanism in the water that allows them to spot their surroundings more easily.
  8. Squid are believed to be the fastest of all invertebrates in the world. The giant squid is the largest invertebrate in the world.
  9. Even though 300 species of squid have been identified and classified, it is believed there are at least 200 more that still need to be evaluated. Now that’s a lot of squid!
  10. Some species of squid have been found to live more than 13,000 feet deep in the water – that’s about 43 football fields in length.

Well there you have it folks, the long and the short on the multi-tentacled. And just in time too, as Nintendo’s Splatoon launches on the Wii U on May 29th.

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