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Valiant kicks off Origins animated web series, starts with Bloodshot

Just who is (or was) Valiant Comics’ unstoppable killing machine?

One of the coolest characters in the Valiant universe, it’s only fitting that Bloodshot would be the first of the Origins special videos. The character is going through a massive change right now too, where he finds himself wholly human for the first time. Though how long that lasts is anyone’s guess, as I’ve got a feeling that the nano-powered machine might not be too far off.

Remaking the character, who’s been in every major Valiant story arc to hit the stands, also makes him one of the most accessible in the stable at the moment. Though Valiant clearly tries pretty hard to make their entire catalog of heroes incredibly easy for new readers to take to, with multiple fresh starts and ‘jumping on points’ per year, Bloodshot’s is the most recent, and therefore makes him the most logical choice for this new animated short series.

“We are always meeting new fans in stores or at conventions who have the same question: I’ve heard incredible things about Valiant, now where can I start?” said Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce. “VALIANT ORIGINS is an easy answer to that question. This web series will be a one-stop destination to find out who Valiant’s characters are and can quickly get new readers up to speed on the heroes and villains that will be at the forefront of Valiant’s publishing line in the months and years to come.”
“We’ve made great inroads by giving new readers multiple ways to discover the best of Valiant’s award-winning series with $9.99 volume one trade paperbacks, clearly demarcated jumping-on points, and even One Dollar Debut reprints of our biggest #1 issues,” said Hunter Gorinson, Valiant’s Director of Marketing, Communications, and Digital Media. “VALIANT ORIGINS is another important addition to that roster, and one that will give new fans anywhere around the world an easy introduction to the fundamentals of the biggest characters at the center of the Valiant Universe.”

As far as when you’ll be able to get ahold of these books, Bloodshot Vol. 1: Setting the World on Fire is available right now, Bloodshot Reborn #1 (which starts off the all-new series based on the character) is set to hit stands from Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan on April 15th, and the Valiant: Zeroes & Origins Vol. 1 trade paperback is scheduled to arrive on May 6th.

Lots to like, and if you’re new to Valiant Comics, the perfect time to start reading.

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